Alan Van Wijgerden, Filmmaker, Documentary and Avant-Garde shorts.

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    St Christopher junior school.

    Bramcote hospital school.

    Baginton Fields physically handicapped school.

    Sherbourne Fields physically handicapped school.

    Woodlands comprehensive school 6 CSE's.

    Coventry Technical College, City and Guilds Radio and TV servicing (C&G 222).

    Coventry Technical College 'A' levels.

    Coventry Polytechnic Combined Engineering Studies degree specializing in design.

    Improvised drama course running for two years at MAC Birmingham.

    Drama training at TOTU (Theatre of The Unemployed) Birmingham.

    Film theory course run at the Triangle Birmingham.

    Certificate of Journalism (University of Warwick).

    Completed MA  Design And Digital Media  gaining a distinction. (2007).


        D.F. Gibbs radio and TV servicing apprentice.     1972-76

        Coventry Technical College lab technician.          1976-77

        Jaguar Cars instrument technician.                       1977-79

        Self employed electronics/media                         1983-90

        University of Warwick  electronics technician      1990-today

 Interests and experience

            My life is driven by the great joy of working with images and particularly images in dreams which I feel are like feature films in complexity. I find camera work especially interesting, translating movement into a series of  pieces of frozen time.

            I initially started with an interest in design, this led to me doing a Combined Engineering degree at Coventry Polytechnic. Whilst at Coventry I became interested in Fine Art, spending much of my time around the art faculty. The media form that I chose first was photography. But I also found installations and moving images fascinating. Later realising the subjects I wanted to cover were more achievable in terms of moving images and sound, I moved on to film and video art, but I still take some photographs.

            I have an interest in the films of the sixties, because of the freedom of behavior and expression seemingly portrayed. I am particularly drawn to the work of Lindsay Anderson and Tony Richardson.

            Film, both 16mm and super 8, has been a major interest, mainly because of its craft skills and greater tonal range.

            One of the subjects which I have returned to several times is disability, this results from having been to "special" schools as a child.

            Of recent years I have had an interest in the theatre.

            I intend to move on to 35mm film, but from a craft level.       

            With regards to the filmography details which I have updated and extended in October 2011, I may add more scripts and further information,  but am hampered with        the    earlier work  by the fact that it is on about a dozen boxes of 3.5 inch disks,  in early word and Atari assci formats with eight letter file names. It needs several days of detail computer work to recover it.  The filmography only lists works which came to some sort of a satisfactory conclusion, there are many un-produced projects. Much of my work, both still and moving, is in the Coventry City Archive, where it can be seen by arrangement with the archivist. I completed (2007) an MA course in Design and Digital Media gaining a distinction. The final MA show being a museum installation with an immersive environment. Much more information and streaming sites may be found by typing my name alan van wijgerden in quotes in google clicking web not just UK sites. There has been much photography work during the last few years, much of it commissioned. There will also be, late 2011 early 2012, a compilation DVD with much of my work.  

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